I'm a filmmaker based out of SLC, UT and I love my job.

I started making films three years ago when I had a wonderful person push me to do what I love. (Hint: That person is my wife.) She is my greatest motivation and support. I quit my day job and made this my full-time job and three years later here we are. I am living my dream making cinematic films while she is a full-time nurse at PCH living her dream.


I love capturing the emotion, the details, and the love portrayed for the entire day of each special couple. Your wedding is incredibly important, obviously - and my goal as your videographer is to capture it in its best light. In other words, my job is to make your wedding look even BETTER on film.


I focus on films for the fun-having, adventurous couples. Those that are so infatuated with each other that they can’t contain their excitement. They love to travel, explore, and find the humor in life. Without each other, life would be incomplete. These are the stories I love to tell.


Creating video content is not just a job for me or a way to make a living. It’s an obsession, lifestyle. It’s the reason I’m editing past my bedtime and waking up before the sun

Many people ask me what my favorite thing to shoot is, and I find that one of the hardest questions. I love being able to capture moments. Moments you’ll never be able to get back, that you want to remember and replay over and over in your head. I capture emotion and true expressions. I love getting to know the subject, finding their strengths and weaknesses and capturing their true spirit, the way that their closest friends know them.